Total Innovation eWorkshop

Dear Managers and Directors

Your Total Innovation Management™ TIM eWorkshop is a dynamic computer-based training and development package designed to Create a Whole Organisation Approach to Innovation.

You own your TIM eWorkshop so it is a permanent organisational development resource, giving you results year after year, making it the most innovative, cost effective and learning effective eWorkshop in the World. 

Your TIM eWorkshop gives you all the leadership and training resources you need to focus and motivate everyone in your organisation with fast, unlimited 24/7 PC access to action-based Instruction in all the state of the art Creative Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Innovation Strategies,Tools and Skills they need to Create an Exciting 21st Century Total Innovation Organisational Culture.

The product of 20 years research and development, TIM will help you and your staff create new innovative ideas and solutions to the challenging professional problems you face every day.

The question is, can you and your staff afford to be without TIM's maximum Organisational Innovation and Problem Solving Skills in this fast moving, innovative and competitive world?                    

What corporate executive managers have said about Alfred’s Total Innovation Management™ package:

“Content is meaningful, appropriate and actionable”
“Practical and easy to follow. Very powerful tools!”

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