Alfred H Gorman


Psychologist, Lecturer, Author, Publisher, Consultant, Chairman

Graduate Degree Psychology, University of California

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Graduate Diploma Education, Claremont Teachers College                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           40 years’ of Achievement as a Claremont Teachers College Lecturer, School Psychologist, Management Trainer and Author of the following workshops and courses:

  • Total Innovation Management Workshop eBook Package.  Companies bought and trained over 500 staff with earlier version designed to develop an Organizational Approach to Innovation.
  • Teacher Innovation Management Worksoop eBook Package. New workshop package designed to develop a Whole School Approach to Educational Innovation.
  • 7 Student Survival Skills Workshop eBook:  Creating a Positive Lifestyle; Relaxation Exercises; Stress Management; Study Skills; Career Planning;  Essay and Report Writing; Test Taking Skills.   Trained over 500 people with these workshops.
  • 6 Educational Math Games Design and Instructions eBook:   Successfully trialed with over 100 year 6 and 7 students.
  • Parent Teacher Reading Workshop eBook:  A Failsafe Way to Teach Your Child to Read in 5 minutes a day with the Learn to Read Together Method.  Trained over 100 students, teachers and parents with this method.
  • 4 Staff Development Workshops: Leadership; Team Building; Creative Innovative Brainstorming; Stress Management.        Trained over 500 staff in these workshops.
  • 3 College Core Educational Psychology Courses and Textbooks:  Instructional Models; Behavioural Education; Teaching and Learning. Trained over 3000 student teachers at Claremont Teachers College in each of these 3 courses over the years.

It is with great love, respect and gratitude, that I dedicate  to my father and mentor Dr Alfred H Gorman.  
Dr Alfred H Gorman            Professor, Author, Organizational Development Consultant, Chairman of AHG inc., Co-Author TIM Workshops.
Honorary Chairman  

Also with great love, respect and gratitude, I wish to introduce my son and mentor Alfred H Gorman III.                                                                                     Alfred H Gorman III              Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Bachelor Computer and Mathematical Science UWA,  Co-Author TIM Workshops.                IT Managing Director